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The biggest complaints?

Although I haven't been here for a long time, I'm grateful to have been hired without much previous experience and I'm very proud to have had the opportunity to improve my skillset here.
Maybe the reason for that is that I haven't changed a lot of companies, so I don't know any better, but I often hear various complaints that I personally don't see as a big problem.

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Enjoy your Queen Mary glass of Koolaid. Maybe Reuss will take you for a ride on the new pace car Corvette......

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Biggest complaint...hmmm...MASS LAYOFFS

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Ex-GM employee (2015-2018). This might be leadership and team dependent, but I found significant inequities between performance and reward. If you were a good bulls***ter and brown-noser, your upward path was easier, even where your output didn't warrant it.

Those who were more competent in their work, but kept relations on a business-level tended to progress at a slower pace. My reviews were always "meets" or "exceeds" expectations, but I never managed to receive even average pay for my band. Questions about gaps preventing promotion were either deferred or double-talked away.

Opportunities for skillset improvements were scant, and I even had a company-paid training taken away the day before, and outside of the refund window. "The optics weren't good" was the excuse provided. So better to throw the money away, vs risk a potential "optics" issue?

This was just my experience, could be very different for others. Best of luck to you in your new role.

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