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How is everybody feeling about the spinoff news?

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the media/entertainment landscape has seen so many changes starting in 2000, picking up steam with each passing year. with all tech changes, mergers, acquisitions, consolidations and on and on and on, you should always be expecting layoffs at this juncture. no matter the media conglomerate or smaller fish primed for acquisition you work for. very rare to spend a full career with ANY of these places, is kind of a thing of past. not just lower, middle/upper management but heads of divisions ect.everyone.

always be searching for next job, never get comfortable. its been the SOP for decades. these companies trade the same people amongst themselves over and over again. unfortunately its like a game of musical chairs, one day you will find yourself without a chair. there is no loyalty whatsoever from these conglomerates, you should do the same in kind. good luck to all, crazy times to be involved in this business.

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'Should we worry about more layoffs as a result?"

Yes. You've been soiled by T incompetence, and I can guarantee you that as the final date gets closer, T will slash, burn, and destroy more jobs. If you thought last year was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.

I speak from experience. I was part of the Directv group and suffered through T mismanagement and arrogance only to see many of my colleagues be 'surplussed' because of poor management, and the numbers only grew as time went on. In fact, I was one of the most recent culls, along with many more of my DTV comrades, that happened before they announced they were selling DTV.

As long as T is anywhere near your company none of you are safe. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but better you know than you don't.

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Should we worry about more layoffs as a result?

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