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Lately, Pearson seems like a completely different company than it was ten or even five years ago. People are always in a bad move, all I receive is negative feedback. Nobody seems to care about their jobs anymore. I see full teams of people who are only doing their bare minimum. When did this become okay?

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The last good days at Pearson were when Madge ran it. Once she walked away, the company culture became toxic almost overnight. The tone from the top became downright ugly and abusive managers became celebrated. There were the years and years of baloney about how "this" particular restructuring was going to be the last one, and then before it was over the next cutbacks would be announced. Then we were going to "put the learner at the center of all we do" - remember that insipid graphic that looked like a nursery-schooler drawing? Finally management did what it should have done many years before and dumped the school business, but by then it was a smoldering crater and essentially worthless.

Face it - if you're still working at Pearson, you're just biding time until you get RIFfed. And you're getting paid peanuts compared to what other companies pay. Do yourself a favor and get out of Pearson and the educational software business altogether - it's never coming back, ever. Go work in another business that has a real future - and increase your compensation between 50-100% while you're at it. If you're young and you're working at Pearson, take pains to correct your mistake, get out quickly and stop wasting your future.

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Pearson is NOT SaaS. Sure, spin it as such on your resume. I remember having the “why are we not in the cloud” conversation with CTOs....none of the responses they provided were worth a stinking pile of dung.

But yes, everything you mentioned is spot on.

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It's bigger than benefits..

Goals not being communicated until after the year ends?
Flat bonus payments?
How many years of territory reassignment?

But most of all, what is the career pathway plan right now? Real top performers, the REAL ones, had always been told of the different points within Pearson you can grow into. Put in 3-5 of solid performance, results, raise your hand for special projects and you'll grow into: Leadership, LTS/DSS, Marketing, Editorial, want more institutional perspective here's the ED/AE role too.

All of that is gone. Poof. We've all seen the exodus of good people into higher paying roles and companies Pearson simply can not deliver on growth of revenue nor career. At this point, the recruitment strategy should be:

Work at Pearson
Get really good with Salesforce
Sell $57 dollar per unit SaaS license
Maybe, just maybe you'll have a goal and come close
Learn Tableau while searching for lost or non allocated $$

Then you'll be in a great position to interview with a real company 3 years from now.

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It became ok when the loyalty disappeared. When all sales managers cared about was tracking rather than sales. When the smallest perks went away: home internet, company car, etc. When job security went away.

When you erode the benefits, people stop caring. The company is a complete piece of hot, steaming, garbage.

Anyone with talent OR the motivation to want more have left — or are checked out.

It cracks me up (and saddens me a bit) when I see a LinkedIn announcement from some fresh out of college kid making a happy/proud announcement that they have decided to join Pearson. What a terrible, terrible career choice. The incoming talent pool at Pearson must look exactly as my cupboards did when I was broke and in college..... BARE.

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Can confirm it was like that 5 years ago.

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