Thread regarding Accenture layoffs

Beware! Lots of empty promises. Be very careful with this misleading "great company culture"...

They hired me in November of 2019 (made me relocate, yes or yes!!), and then laid off me the first day of October of 2020 (so less than a year). I was more than lucky of being able to find another job on January 2021. Lots of empty promises, with not as many chargeable opportunities as you may believe from a company this size. They are continuously on a hiring / firing spree.

They really screwed me up with the relocation thing. I ended up paying early termination fees at both locations at my expense, not counting the relocation costs. They did provide a hiring bonus, which I spent almost entirely on the first relocation. I've work with a few big consulting firms and I've never seen someone better at attracting you to join and at the same time so cold in kicking you out regardless of your situation. "Accenture" looks good on a resume, though. Even if you could stay, I wouldn't recommend being there more than 2-3 years at the most. Good luck!

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