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Relocation Re-payment

Joined Cummins 10 years ago, surprised I am still here. They’ve moved me recently for a job that I don’t really enjoy, but I signed a 2 year policy. Any of you been relocated by Cummins, and left before your 2 years were up?

Did they come after you for relocation cash?

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They will go after you, just like they do with those tied to the education payment programs. Have lived through and seen examples of this over my 20+ years with Cummins. When I left, it was clear that they would get theirs, but could care less about what you provided them over the years. Cummins always makes it very clear that they hold the cards and you are nothing more than a number. When I left I found a company willing to pay for my items with Cummins. Made my decision very easy to leave. Good companies will do this to get good people. Cummins does not fall into the category of good companies.

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A few years ago, they relocated a woman from China on H1B to fill an American job in Columbus. We had qualified personnel in the office who applied for the role. The team consisted of all white men and women. She was now their boss. HR needed to fill their diversity quota. Cummins brought her and her entire family here. HR filled two diversity checkboxes: Female, Asian. If she decided to go back during her agreement, then she was responsible for all associated costs.

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