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Final words from One Positive Guy

Fellow Sungardians (Past and Present) I felt the need to post one final time as some have requested. The reason for my absence is that I am no longer with SGAS and did not want to continue to post as I felt it would be disingenuous.

I was given my walking papers unexpectedly as many others. The truth is in retrospect it was for the best. You see I would have never left on my own and would have continued the fight till the very end. At the time I did not believe it was the right decision however accepted because I had no alternative. But as I look back at where I am and what I took to get here I am grateful for my time at SGAS and also my departure.

You see... for those seeking positive perspective or looking for answers from others my advice is look no further than yourself.

Only you can truly appreciate the collective experiences you had over the years. Wether positive or negative they collectively helped shape you into the person you are today. As for the teammates that were around you at those times... well they were lucky enough to be apart of your journey and you theirs.

So now it’s on you.... what will the next chapter bring? Who will be apart of it?

I am positive about one thing... only you are responsible for your success. Only you can tell the story of your journey.

So Take Pride... Take Ownership.... And Finally Take Action.

Thank You-
One Positive Guy

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Thank you OPGā€¦. I am seeing more and more positive posts!!! Your impact is beginning to take hold!! Love this company.
Let’s Go SGAS

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Could you be anymore full of c––p?

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You lead others into the abyss and now that your canned you want to come here with your failed attempts to be encouraging but all you did was create false hope.

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OPG, I always admired your positivity. You lead by example and I am sure you had a positive influence on all those around you. SGAS has lost another great one. I am sure you left your mark behind. I wish you great success in any future endeavor.

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I have been critical of your previous posts, but found this one honest and heartfelt. My hope is your next chapter is positive and wish you nothing but the best.

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