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Heads you win, tails I lose

For the last year I’ve been feeling like this. It’s as if the company is always winning at the expense of their employees. I miss the days when it was a win/win situation. I wish upper management would make decisions that didn’t involve cutting us down at the knees. Anyone else feel this way?

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Yes I do , it’s not right or ok,Laura in California

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Upper management emails use for their benefit and too look good .

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It is sad but true.
I have seen my sales per man hour grow by $125 in 2 years. Before that if it moved $10 a year it was alot. Put in prospective. 3 to 4 clerks less in my department. Than 2 years ago. Same job.
Unfortunately it is all about stock price. Rodney has borrowed $20 billion dollars to buy back stock. Not remodel stores, invest in technology or pay employees.
Let's look at those 3.
Remodel's build and retain customers.
Our ordering system is based off the same system I used 30 years ago. Use your trs80 computer much at home? What kind of cell phone did you have 30 years ago?. Same ordering system.
Our division, top union contract pay is less than the starting pay at target or Walmart! I wonder why our retention sucks. Projected to lose over $25,000,000 in retention costs. This year alone. Forget getting full time with the kroger negotiated rules.
I fear something has to change or kroger will close doors and we will all be layed off.

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Big changes coming today. (Hi Kroger who has been following me around the web for a year!)
Today many people will lose their jobs.
Myself included.
Isn't Kroger great?!

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