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Realise this !!

If you are still with Symantec/ Broadcom either you are incompetent or just too lazy or probably looking forward to being laid off and retire.
Everyone who mattered at Sym at the time of its acquisition has left including Art ! The company is doomed to drown because of the curse its endured by the thousands they laid off . HT is a fool the only thing he ever cares about is the company share price on the street- no empathy or concern for the folks who help build his company.
I to this day say - there should be a federal investigation into this Broadcom Symantec deal , it never made sense and will never make sense! The BOD at that time should be called in and made to answer tough questions on how they sunk a great IT security company.

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Before I left, they were trying undo the damage created over the 2 years. They were trying to revert to old Symantec model without all the necessary resources. The management cares about their RSU more than trying to save the business.

We shall see what would happen another 6 months. BYOP!

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Place is garbage now they trying to force everyone to take the jab

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There are still good people there. Don’t be that guy.

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