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How was your hard work rewarded?

I really don’t know a lot of people who have been properly rewarded for their hard work. I worked beyond my capacity for a long time and in return I got nothing but more work.
At first I was skeptical that it might be just me and that it’s just not enough no matter how hard I work, but I see things a little better now.
DXC simply does not appreciate employees who care about this company.

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Sorry to hear you have been put upon. As they say, if you want something done, give it to a busy person. I was very well rewarded this year. Managed to avoid quite a lot of work and avoid WFR. Based on hourly contribution I got quite a nice raise this financial. The only problem is that this year, avoiding work may start becoming work. Normally, I've relied on the lack of management ability to... well manage and a couple of techniques to delay or defer work. Here are some useful ones, ask anyone in management to make a decision (in some regions this involves going to the US/Global which can add months); asking for what the process is to do something - it is never stable and follow up clarification can result in a never ending delays. This is especially true if you can involve the basket cases that are HR, Sales Ops, DXC IT or Marketing. There is so much bureaucracy in these functions, ad-hoc process and incompetency that you can bounce about for a long time with out much effort. But the trick is not to fill in the gaps or work hard. You'll just be taken advantage of. There are no rewards for contribution or effort... just "recognition". Try spending "recognition" at Walmart.

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Correct. So if they do not care, why should you care! There is NO pay for performance in this organization that is designed to fail: L-CSC and L-HP are simply not compatible, there are no synergies. The merge was just a multi year ticket for extremely well paid “transformation” work for the “leaders”. And that transformation is going nowhere. Just consult the annual report of your organization. Or ask the monthly figures for your segment...

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