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Does anybody actually believe D'Amaro?

“We’re bringing back more than 10,000 Cast Members at the Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World continues to bring Cast Members back… These Cast Members, they are the heart and soul with everything that we do here. I care passionately about them."

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I wasn’t kind.

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I met him once, he is a nice person, but being nice and grounded because he used to work in the parks does not alleviate the damage already done to many cast members.

He got to a position where he has to say the “right things” but where he cannot oversee each department. Directors and managers of those departments have that “little power granted” to them and who decided who stays and who will go.

I was one of them that was let go, and I don't expect that they are calling me back. Why? Because there was a reason to select certain people. Some of them really deserved to be out, but others didn't.. Some were really talented and good, but in retrospective, perhaps were in the way of the plans of those directors and managers with that “little power”.

I met with my director wen I returned to the office to pick up my belongings, she could not, or didn’t want to tell me the reasons why, other than it was a “business decision”. Each department was responsible to make their black list, not Josh, he can't decide who can be back.

No, I don't believe Josh, not because he is a bad person, but because hiring people back is beyond him. I believe that when the business picks up again, they would rather hire new people than calling back the people that they let go

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NO! It's all about "politics," and saying the right thing. At the least, he and all of "Disney" will only protect was is politically correct.

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Yeah I do.

Josh D'Amaro was kind of put in a tough place, but he is well-liked by many. To me he showed sincerity when he was in Downtown Disney apologizing to CMs and allowing them to speak to him directly when the furlough hit – something I could never imagine a certain CEO doing.

I could be speaking outta my b–t, but I think he is a bit more grounded having worked in the parks. He used to be among them and while now he's on top looking down, it seems he hasn't forgotten how many little people keep that machine running

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