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Micromanaging and destroying McAfee

Since the new management aka CISCO thugs headed by the Peter Leav came in, from that day on to this moment- it’s only been down hill for a company that once stood out and was an awesome place to work and trusted player on the market.
After announcing the acquisition, that corrupt CEO collected his millions with the rest of the his mob.
The company is doomed to drown because of the curse its endured by the thousands they laid off and will lay off once STG gets the entire pie. Micromanaging constantly plus asking you for daily even hourly updates. The only thing the mob cares about is the company share price on the street- no empathy or concern for the folks who help build his company. RIP McAfee ... what was once a shining star is shredded to pieces by the this new mob

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Strap on your blinders and ship your products, oh peons we've graciously blessed with continued employment. We've got deadlines to meet, features to claim complete, and dividend checks to cash.

It never ceases to amaze me how Leav's thugs can hold a straight face, claiming how "committed" McAfee is to our customers, our products, and excellence, whilst simultaneously firing _thousands_ that made that happen. The number of middle/upper managers, directors, VPs, that have ascended so blindly they actually believe the very cr-p they're shoveling seemingly knows no bounds.

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It’s getting toxic and feedback falls on deaf ears. The micromanagers are more interested in a one-way conversation here as they are more irritable and explosive when faced with criticism. They respond to critique with some variation of, “Well, that’s just how things work here.”

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