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Trying to keep a job is pointless?

Here almost everyone thinks that DXC is a lost cause and that one should get out of here as soon as possible. I agree, but until I find a new job it is very important to me to keep the one I have.
I have been convinced many times that just because someone is a hard worker and brings value does not mean that they will not get laid off, but subconsciously I still try to do my best to stay here for a while.

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my strong advice would be to put maximum effort into finding yourself another role outside of DXC.

Be honest with yourself about how hard you are really trying to do this and don't use the excuse that you don't have the time to focus on finding a role as you are busy ''doing a good job for DXC'' .

Its a harsh reality check but you need to know that no matter how hard you work or how much effort you put into your role in the end if you are a cost that can be offshored or absorbed it will happen. Look after number 1 and get moving on that exit plan!

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I think that dxc has more issues and then the rest of the suppliers in the ecosystem but the overall macro trend is to move more to low cost countries. There seems to be some difference between UK and the United States and consulting versus support contracts and who knows what's going on with top of the pyramid Russian Ukrainian acquisition. Zoloft? On the CSC portal that was converted to dxc SharePoint you can find the 30 clients in danger the risk clients the high-risk clients the top producing clients it roughly boils down to two to 300 good clients out of 6 7 8,000 that produce 66% of the revenue my recollection 200 clients produce to 50% and another hundred clients produce another 15%. These numbers may be higher now with sell-offs. If you're at one of these 200 or 300 accounts then g-d bless you otherwise meet me filling out the UB40 at the unemployment office

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