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Mike Salerno hires the best

Mike Salery has replaced about 75% of the senior management team, 90% of them from Adventure . DXC’s revenues were down 15% in the fiscal third quarter ended December 31, almost 10% for the first nine months of the current fiscal year. Excellent hires

Ken Sharpie is the Axe-Man

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At least in Europe they seem to have solved some their biggest loss producing accounts. Or are now on the way solving it.
This was not possible with Lawrie.

Salvino was a bit hasty with announcing, but in the end he approved termination "fees" to get out of some awesome deals.

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CEOs are there to paint utopia and be a great party gag. Meanwhile the tricks are just tricks. I rather have a doer rather than a talker.

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Salvino talks a good game but he's been useless so far.

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The above is a lucid and erodite post. Bang on the money..

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Well, replacing the senior management is hardly a surprise, any incoming CEO would do that and they will hunt where they came from to find them.

If he had come from IBM, they'd all be his mates and contacts from IBM.

Whether or not DXC is Accenture (and it isn't) is largely not relevant because he wasn't CEO there, he was several levels lower down than that.

What you can see from him is that his BPO background stands out. He's all about trying to improve customer relations and improving morale. That's it, that's his strategy.

TBH those things are some the biggest problems from the previous regime, so I don't think he's totally wrong.

However, it needs a bit more than that and I think by now we should be seeing what the next thing is.

The only thing I've seen coming is the re-brand.

Not sure if some different letterhead will make much difference.

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Edward Smith could have replaced all the deckhands and engine room workers on April 15, 1912, and the Titanic would still have sunk.

DXC, in the hands of a highly capable leader, might be saved, but Salerno is not that person. He could bring the entire leadership team from Accenture and still fail, because DXC is not Accenture.

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