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Has anyone had the pleasure of repeatedly experiencing whereby one applies for a position and not being selected? A disturbing and growing trend has revealed the reason for non-selection appears to be dependent upon the applicants race. Is this not an illegal practice for an employer to make a hiring and promotion decision based solely on race?
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Corporations that divide their employees by race should not receive taxpayer dollars.

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From my personal experience, Lockheed has a long track record in not hiring Disabled people. This goes back several decades from what I have experienced after applying to a Lockheed job. If Lockheed is interested in you based on your Resume you submitted, a Lockheed Recruiter or Talent agent will contact you to arrange a phone interview or ask you to do a interview in person on site. But here is the real kicker an a example how Lockheed really stands out in their treatment of disabled people. When the Lockheed recruiter or talent agent contacts you to ask you to do an interview and you decide to take the high road and disclose you are disabled, the Lockheed Recruiter or Talent agent will send you a email the same day usually within a hour or so to inform you that they are cancelling your interview and they even are bold in saying they are no longer considering you for the position. So my suggestion, which is based on my personal experience with Lockheed HR types, Recruiters and Talent Agents, is if you are disabled do not waste your time in applying to ANY Lockheed jobs, no mater how interesting the job description is and your experience making you a strong candidate. You are going to get rejected the moment you disclose that you are disabled when Lockheed contacts you to arrange an interview so why put yourself though that frustration.

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