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Why we all do 2-3 jobs

Seems like management here has a system in place on how to use employees to the fullest. They keep adding more and more work to people's plates (and I mean 2-3 jobs worth) until they finally snap. At that point they know they've reached their limit and they keep it at that level while patting the employe on the back and telling him or her how valuable they are and how much they'd wish more employees are like them. Employe placated, bonuses secured for the management - win/win for them.

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Good question. I was asked to be a "team player" and pick up the work for a laid–off coworker . I finally said no...and couldn't believe they tried to guilt me into doing twice as much work just so some exec could make their bonus. I quit accepting any more work and it took about 3 years for them to finally can me during covid. Then my workload was dumped on someone else (who hadn't gotten a pay raise in 7 years either). Now I'm back working remotely for someone who actually seems to appreciate what I bring to the table, and am paid much more at what I consider the true market rate.
DXC has been in liquidation since the day it was formed. M1 sold all the hard assets. M2 is trying to sell off parts of the business itself. Has anyone seen any real attempt at growth by the management team? Ever? I didn't. It's a slow wind down, milking the existing contracts and shedding employees as they expire.
And looking at this from a slight Machiavellian view... Why should management give anyone still here a raise who has put up with this c––p for for 7 years already? They're obviously not motivated enough by the pain to go anywhere on their own... Mike might as well just keep using them up until all the customers or gone, or he sells off a chunk of the business.
I find it harder to feel sorry for my ex–co–employees who keep accepting more work for no pay.

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so if this is true (and I think it is) the question is no why does management do this but why do so many employees put up with it?

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