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Y'all don't just bi--h and whine, proxy vote online!

  1. Election of Director: JC
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I voted “against” all of the directors and the non-binding advisory votes.

What the Board has let happen to the company is a disgrace, and what the executives have done to the company is an embarrassment.

Read the proxy statement. These clowns get paid millions and all they have done is fail. They have failed the employees, failed the shareholders, and failed the industry.

Planting a million trees doesn’t make up for their disastrous decisions, squandered billions, or abysmal environmental conduct. It is greenwashing at its finest.

The executives and Board should be called out and fired for their greed, incompetence, and inability to do anything right. They have destroyed careers, lives, investments, and reserves. It is a wonder they can even find their way to the office.

Yet I’m sure they will all get re-elected and rewarded for their continued ability to under deliver. It must be nice at the top, never having to face the consequences for your actions and always getting to blame someone or something else for your failures.

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Many employees don’t have APA stocks anymore, so no proxy vote. Now APA employees receive phantom units. And many current and former employees sold all the stocks.

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Don’t forget about the Board of Directors. How did they not fire JC after he finally admitted Alpine High was a huge failure? They have to be held accountable too. The company has been destroyed beyond repair.

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How do any of the executives still have their job?

The 2020 Summary Annual Report lays out their collective failures quite well:

Since 2018, revenues have consistently decreased, net loss attributable to shareholders has increased, net cash from operating activities has decreased, overall cash has decreased, total assets have decreased, long term debt has increased, and total equity has decreased and is running a deficit.

Every single one of those metrics is going backwards.

Which is to say, over the past 3 years, APA has not improved in any category and continues to be a failing company.

So, again, how do any of the executives still have their job?

Are they getting paid just to keep the company out of the bankruptcy court?

And, more importantly for investors, where has all the money gone?

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right now look for your proxy vote emails from your brokerage. if you're an employee, you should have it from fidelity

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