Thread regarding IBM layoffs

Sanctioned Russian IT firm was partner with Microsoft, IBM

IBM also lists Positive Technologies as a security partner, offering customers one of its scanning

IBM didn’t respond to requests for comment Thursday.

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@2sns -- to your third bullet: yes, apparently AK was (see second column, tenth row) --

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IBM, and "woke", ... a great juxtaposition

IBM definitely has had a habit of flouting diversity progress as a metric against all significant other metrics:

  • to distract against real race and age discrimination (in the current lawsuit news)
  • to distract against corporate mistakes (oops wrong security partner, "not my fault - see others did it too")
  • to distract against possible partisan behavior (was AK on the corporate CEO zoom call re GA and voting?)... Ginni did go to some early Trump-CEO meetings
  • to distract against systematic RAs (this website's focus)

of all the patent leaderships (1000s per year), not that many yield real rev$$ (maybe quantum finally?.. not sure on that one as it "feels" like supercomputer hype.. a race to sell the fewest serial #s?)

I believe they are still milking the IP-infraction well.. that's a couple of $B per year from a handful of lawyer h/c.. quite lucrative (sorry.. no openings likely for recent RAs there)

There will still be a handful of h/c required to systematically turn off the lights (eg Nortel)

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Not surprised
Diversity report though? Being woke is much worse.

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