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New Model for ANZ/AsiaPac following layoffs... no doubt more to follow.

Following ongoing redundancies - why no tears mr nayagam? - the new sales model has been announced to the sales and presales people left. The sheer incompetence is staggering. To think we advise on OCM but don't do best practice... the drongos make the changes and then announce them afterwards.

Its all very accenture like but executed so badly as to alienate more and more staff. So bonus's move to the end of year, but no change to base salary.... oh wait a sec they are reviewing pay now and any (minimal) changes will be made in Q2. New titles that mean nothing to customers and everyone is selling (again). So much for customer and employee. And its all targetted on $5m+ deals. Shrinking to nothing. Try upselling or cross selling to platinum accounts that feel that we have no differentiated and no innovative.

No one speaking up as the culture of fear and exec stupidity abounds. When pushed its a case of "global" decisions.

Same sh-t show elsewhere?

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The same scenario is announced in Europe. The new FY has started but no vision, no strategies, no specific targets.....sell more, more margin... same mantras again. Disaster guaranteed!

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I am sure we have all heard this but is a classic and so incredibly true and poignant to DXC. The story of three envelopes is a business classic for dysfunctional organizations. It starts with an incoming manager replacing a recently fired outgoing manager. On his way out, the outgoing manager hands the new manager three envelopes and remarks, "when things get tough, open these one at a time."

About three months goes by and things start to get rough. The manager opens his drawer where he keeps the three envelopes and opens #1. It reads: "Blame your predecessor." So he does and it works like a charm.

Another three months passes and things are growing difficult again so the manager figures to try #2. It reads, "reorganize." Again, his predecessor's advice works like magic.

Finally, about nine months into the new job, things are getting really sticky. The manager figures it worked before, why not try again. So he opens the envelope drawer one last time and opens #3. It reads..."prepare three envelopes."

DXC defined.

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as an ex DXC employee of ANZ I can categorically tell you that iife outside is a million miles away from the perpetual restructure, redundancy and lack of pay rises that DXC seems to wallow in

in my time at DXC i saw many restructures made by senior managers with each one being trumpeted as the saviour of the organisation. When the inevitable disappointment set in after failed results the foot soldiers were cannon fodder for the WFR meat grinder and the execs were onto the next org design with their bonuses and positions safe...

my advice is get out cannot and will never change

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