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Do not be loyal to a company like this

Many of us have been very loyal to this company over the last few years only to be called in and be laid off. It is time for us to place our loyalty and skill sets elsewhere. For the few of you that are still there, do not believe them and think you are now ok safe and secure in your job making the same mistake we did. Keep looking for another position elsewhere and leave that horrible place on your own terms.

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First reply is 100% spot-on.

I had a manager who wrote me up unfairly without doing her homework, and at the time, I could prove I was the most productive member of my team and I'd kept that documentation. When I walked into our one-on-one for the write-up, I honestly thought they'd be offering a promotion, because I knew full well how hard I was working and how effective I was.

I went to HR and fought it successfully, because they simply did not have the documentation to justify the action they'd taken and were hoping I wouldn't fight it.

This was an attempt at a back-door layoff. They wanted to get me off payroll without having to pay unemployment or severance.

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I’ve been with the company for well over a decade they dont give customer service representatives a layoff package like they do everyone else. They will look for reasons to fire you even if you have a clean work record run as fast as you can they don’t care about you no matter how hard of a work you been

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I wish I had not wasted my time there. I was never able to advance in my career no matter how much effort I put in. It was a thankless job working for a thankless company. I think of the many nights I worked all night long on client projects to ensure everything was ok for them. I think of all the effort put into raising the quality of our products. I now see what a su–––r I was in my attempt to endure it, and expect a positive career progression.

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