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Did anyone want to šŸ¤®reading Cindy Paces post? The company needs to stop allowing the spread of incorrect information. Racism, microagressions and inequalities did cause those deaths. The shareholders should not tolerate toxic messages and opinions. I have a counter opinion and I have no place in the company where I can scream it and BU–––––T to these lies. Talk about inequalities!

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Yea Cindy Pace is a sell out. MetLife does NOT care about black people. Their strategy is to find the perfect balance of talking out of both sides of the mouth.

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We'll keep this to layoffs when Metlife keeps work to work.

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This is a website about company layoffs.

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Yep. It's a mess.

Bad cops should be prosecuted. Absolutely.

There is racism.

Yes and there is also accidents, yes and there is running from cops, yes and there is shooting at cops.

Accidents also happen. Like the copy that thought she had her taser. Doesn't sound intentional to me. At least one cop on the scene was black. I don't think that was racial. Just a sc--w up that should not have happened. Yes and it would not have happened it the victim didn't have a warrant out for his arrest. Yes and, it would not have happened if he didn't try to flee the cops. Yes and no one says that at MetLife. Yes and it is true.

Shooting at cops through a door is also a good way to get shot. Sad when the victim isn't the shooter. Yes and the cops did some things wrong. Yes and, it wouldn't have happened if the cops didn't need to go to the house to make a dr-g arrest. Yes and, it wouldn't have happened if the criminal hadn't shot through the door at the cops.

Carrying a g-n when fleeing from a copy is also another way to get shot. Cops rightfully fear for their lives. One was just shot in the news by a criminal. Fortunately he survived and others got the criminal. Yes and, what is a 13 year old doing out at 2 a.m.? Yes and, what is the 13 year old doing carrying a g-n, out at night at 2 a.m.? Yes and, what is the 13 year old, with a nick name "lil ho-----e" doing out at 2 a.m. with a g-n? Yes and, where are the parents?

Crime against Asians? Yes, it exists. Yes and how much is due to Di Blasio's lack of leadership? NYC needs another Gulliani. Yes and it might be too late for NYC, but he would have put a stop to the thuggery that is going on against all races.

To go from crime to microaggressions and diversity and inclusion is extreme. Too many people are just looking to be offended. You should work with your colleagues, but there's no duty to love or even like them. Just be nice and get the job done.

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