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Has the storm passed?

For now, I'm safe and I don't know any of my colleagues who are RIF, and there have been many rumors about it. What happened? Has the storm passed or is it yet to come? I certainly intend to focus everything on looking for a new job soon, but at this point it would not suit me to lose my job.

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Take the vacations. Lost 6 wks banking for thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Got riffed a week before taking vacation. Will never get that money back and will never get that time with family because you’re too busy looking for the next opportunity before the money ran out. Ever. Thank God everything worked out 7 months later.

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NCR is not the only show in town and their track record shows they have no loyalty to their employees. When you least expect it, when it's the most inconvenient, you'll get that call you dread. Proactively search for a state or federal job with a pension is my advice.

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You were wise to decline the offer

Now all ncr has to do is outsource it’s hq and leadership to Serbia. Maybe then they might be able to scrape up some scraps for dividends.
Pathetic company it has become

To bad the AJC doesn’t add them to their front page

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I'm new here. From reading, it seems that no one is safe. I just declined an offer from NCR.

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Enjoy your job for the summer and take all your vacation but remember there are a few things happening behind the scenes that could end that happiness abruptly.
State and Federal jobs are best and theres also still jobs out there that offer pensions.

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Your here posting a good point. Ask your why and you have your answer.

No one wants to be out of work due to a riff etc. but just by posting your comment your having thoughts am I next?

What does that say?
Should you even be having those thoughts?

You have answered you own question.
And yes look for something you can focus on and enjoy using your talents.

I would suggest looking into state government better benefit probably credit union access and pension.

Ncr is not the place anymore

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