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Investing in yourself

For those who have wanted to upgrade your skills before moving on how has it helped you in landing a better position with another company? Has it also helped you while you were here? I’m actually thinking of taking advantage of the education here just wondering if it’s worth the time I’d have to make for it.

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Some are great. Some...meh. Don't listen to the haters take what you're interested in and keep learning! I'm amazed at all the complaining about free knowledge at IBM. It's not like you're paying for it!

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Beware of IBM education. It teaches you their products are the best in the market and that is simply not true. There is sometimes too much marketing propaganda masquerading as training at IBM.

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I would work backwards by figuring out what interviews assess in the job role, then work on those skills. Of course interviews vary from company to company. There’s a wealth of interview info on the web as well as books such as ‘cracking the coding interview’, and Glassdoor company interview questions. As a coder, practice on hackerrank , codefight, etc. to code faster. At first, focus on solving the problem and don’t worry about the time - you will naturally code faster with practice.
Also, get back up to speed on algorithms and design.
Before each interview, ask what is expected. It’s in the best interest of the company and you to be prepared, in the interest of not wasting time.

You can do it!

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