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To believe or not?

As an employee of SG - the animals are running the zoo. So many things day-to-day that I could comment on. Believe it or not, there's still a core group of people who care and they handle the issues that they can. That being said, it feels like a house of cards. There's only so many people at the lower rungs who can keep operations going.
Funny thing - no one is exempt. No matter how many hours you put in, no matter how much difference you make, there's still an overwhelming feeling that 'any day', your number is up. I have a strong work ethic so I put in all my hours but it's becoming increasingly obvious when working with other teams, that there are two prevailing sentiments - 1. you are worked beyond your capacity, you can't keep up, or 2. no matter how much you contribute, even if you go above and beyond, it doesn't really matter. I feel for the first group - I try to help them as much as I can.
I hope the author of the post won't mind, but I couldn't resist copying this post into a new thread. Well said, just, I don't know exactly how many people who care are still here... I believe in it less and less.

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AYFKM “ it's coworkers checking out”.

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I'm the OP.

Saw a trend a couple of years ago - people going in and out of the office as they please. When asked for volunteers to an issue on a call, no one says anything. Phone calls are not returned and emails to customer directs get no reply. Teams 'throwing things over the wall' and offering little to no assistance to resolve it.

That's what makes me believe in the org less. It's not the customers leaving, it's not general dis-interest from management - it's coworkers checking out. And yes - it's making a come back. There's a lot of 'going thru the motions...' For a person still doing what's needed, their mind starts to wonder, 'is everyone else networking and seeking new employment while i'm in the bottom-percentage still committing myself?'

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