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Another Breach!?

Okay, LinkedIn had yet another data breach. This is what, the third?

Sure, I changed my password. Again. And I don't reuse passwords, so I don't have to change passwords elsewhere.

But no one is paying me for my time to deal with that. No one is paying me to deal with all the emails that come from "hackers" that supposedly broke into my computer, and they quote a password that they obtained from a LinkedIn breach. No one is paying me to deal with any fallout when my information goes online.

This is nuts. LinkedIn's biggest strength is the number of people on it. Its been said that if you aren't paying for a product, you are the product. If LinkedIn's business model is to get as many users on as possible, it needs to take better care of its users. I didn't sign up to have a long-tail cost of bu-----t.

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It's been called the Fecebook for professionals.
Monetizing the data IS the business.
Why not share it with others, I say.
Go ahead on!

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