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What would get you to go back?

What could Disney offer to make you reconsider and take your job back?

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Past coworker got a call from a current manager about a job opening and was told would be very qualified for the position, and that his/her skills would be greatly needed. Encouraged to apply. In the same breath, told that even an interview would not be "promised" because of Disney focus on strict D&I hiring practices. Some people might be called back or even get a new job/promotion in a heartbeat, others not even considered for an interview. Given this, he/her didn't bother even applying.

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I am under the impression that many people are thinking that it is up to them to go back to Disney. This post and some others seem to imply that they will be called back, there is nothing close to this to be true. With some exceptions, some people will be called back, but it all depends on the particular line of business that they were working under. From my particular standpoint, on the professional and executive level, it will be difficult to call back people that were let go. Remember, many positions were "eliminated", or so they said; so, there are legal implications to bring people back in the same positions

I am pretty sure that when they need people for certain departments or lines of business, they will post job offers on their website, rather than calling people back. I have seen many openings already.

So, "what would get you to go back?" First, that they call you back, second, if they do, under what specifics (and position), and third, you will decide depending on your circumstances.

I posted before that one way to go back is to maintain a relationship with the manager or director that let you go in the first place (or whoever called you), and see if you can lure him/her to offer you a job. In other words, to kiss their butts; all up to you, I do know that some are already doing that.

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I didn't because of the woke discriminatory practices at Disney.

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