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Being employed at Ricoh equals no work/life balance because we keep losing people to layoffs and attrition and are expected to pick up their work. It also equals having to deal with a toxic work environment and incompetent managers daily, all while constantly fearing layoffs. Things weren't always this bad but they certainly are now.

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I could not agree more with those 8 points - they are all absolutely true. Management and HR are practiced and professional liars. Do NOT think that HR is there to help you, it is there for anything but. Do NOT share anything with them if you want to keep your job.

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This isn't meant to be offensive to anyone, but after recently leaving I'll point out a few things I see about working at Ricoh

  1. Don't believe any of the slick HR training you see, all they want is for you to do you job with a smile on your face regardless of what you are asked to do.
  2. If you go to HR to report anything they will mark you as a complainer and work to try to get you to leave. No matter what you may have heard it is not illegal to try and make you miserable enough to quit. Unless they are doing it because you part of a protected class. Good luck proving that most claims go no where.
  3. If you are just trying to work out your remaining years until retirement, then keep your head down and your mouth shut. You are not as valued as you may think you are. Just do what they ask with a smile on your face.
  4. The job market for people over 50 is very weak. Even dealers that once jumped at a chance to bring on board a tech with 25+ years experience are more reluctant to hire.
  5. If you are a younger tech know that most of the dealers have tighter controls over technicians. The days of a tech sneaking out to coach his son's baseball team are over.
  6. They are looking for reasons to fire you. Don't assume if you are caught you will get off with a warning. People with stellar records are getting fired for a 1st offense.
  7. Last if you are truly miserable always be looking, create a resume and keep it update. Apply constantly online. If you see a company that sounds like you would like to work at go to their web site and look for openings. Search all the online recruiters. Make a goal to apply for a certain number of jobs every week.
  8. Lastly don't assume things will suddenly get better, how long have you been waiting for that. Truth is the best days are long gone in this industry.
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Positive Joe, positively got his a-s cut. No questions asked. He was all g-n ho and then dies down once he realizes ain't nothing he was saying the truth.

Poor mo--n probably lost his job during covid. Let us all take a moment of silence for Positive Joe.

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Ricoh was absolutely horrid to work for 5 years ago. Was so tired of constantly short falling due to leadership ineptitude and given bs excuses to my customers, toxic culture and band of useless meat bags who only survived because they had each other’s backs. It was the best decision ever to leave and only regret was not resigning sooner. I can’t imagine how horrid it is there now. Unless your brown nose skills are epic the pain must be unbearable... if you’re worth anything, get out.

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