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I noticed a new trend

We hire people specifically for one role and then we put them into a completely different role they didn't expect nor are equipped to handle. This screws over all of us: the person who joined the company and would otherwise thrive but is now stuck in unfamiliar territory and those of us who really need help because we are overworked but we don't get that help once again. What's the point of this?

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This is so true! I can name a few people off the top of my head that this happened to. When someone is assigned a role they do not want, and did not sign up for, they certainly are not the best managers for their direct reports. I had this situation happen and had an "interim" manager for 8 months while they tried to fill the correct role. It was obvious my "manager" did not care about the team and she even admitted that she did not want to run that team. Definitely isn't great for employees underneath her, as they are given 0 direction but must fill out weekly reports to say everything they accomplished, while the manager herself had no idea what her employees were doing. Very interest situation to say the least, and a total sh-tshow for everyone involved.

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This is not a new trend. They lie to you to get you to take one job and when you show up, they give you a different job. Its just Bait n Switch.

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