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Is DeVry still standing?

Man, I must admit. Life has been very different since I left this company. Different for the better. Disclaimer: I left willingly and was damn good at my job in admissions. So good, I was making over 100K to just make dials and enroll students.

Here is what I will say about DVU. I worked at the NYC campus in admissions. Since I came in with prior experience in the for-profit world, I came in making a pretty decent salary, insurance was actually pretty good (although you paid for it), and I didn’t really experience what most people experience—the heat of upper management. However, I will say this: the company itself was very cut throat. We were made to sell the product (education) by any means necessary to get student’s federal and state money. That’s the reality! We were high paid, glorified sales people. In one light, they tell you to use your judgment when enrolling students, but as we all know, they want you to enroll anyone and everyone. You def did it if you wanted to remain employed. The straw that broke the camels back for me was enrolling a student who I KNEW had no wherewithal to be enrolled. The kid had an IQ if an ant. The ONLY reason why he was able to be admitted was because he managed to pass the entrance test enough to start in remedial classes. Let’s be clear: that test is 8th grade work. The poor guy enrolled and was out of school in less than 3 months. He didn’t even make it to the next 8 weeks. However, DVU still got paid. I did too. We were trained to not care and maximize and prey on the less informed. Usually these students consisted of people who “didn’t know any better” or military folks who’s education was fully funded by federal money and they were just taking classes to continue receiving the NY housing allowance that’s almost 4K a month. I mean, who wouldn’t sit in 2 classes to earn 4K? Military couples were even better. After 4 years and sometimes 6 years
If they enrolled in Keller, between two people that’s easily enough money saved to put down on a house. The military kids were milking the system
Just as much as we were.

Management at my campus, to me, were cool. If you had lack luster numbers, you mostly stayed under the microscope and faced termination. The President at the time, Anthony S. He def suffered from Napoleon Complex. Picture a Danny DeVito sized Italian man who had a point to prove. He was savage. Not to mention his best friend and pal Alan S, Who did absolutely NOTHING was no better! Alan would literally play candy crush during meetings and sit on his a-s all day. They determined your fate with the company if you didn’t produce numbers. DeVry is just a diploma mill where no one is really going to take your education seriously. It may have been a decent education back in the day, but let’s face it: the degree is s*it. The notoriety is just not there. It’s a shame that even the students they enroll don’t know this. People need to SERIOUSLY stop making it seem like DeVry is a great school! It’s not! Admissions is hired to take your money. Period. No connections are built with students, “we just wanted your money!” Once we enrolled you and you sat in class, we were to rob the next set Of students. It was a continuous cycle every 8 weeks.

Now, why did I leave if I had it so good? I left because I just didn’t feel like it was helping me be a better person and human being. I was destroying lives, people’s credit, putting them in more debt, causing people to default on loans— when the solution literally was: “go to a community college for free” and if you can make it there, you can at least continue on to a state 4 year with little to no debt. Associate degrees at DeVry ran an average 40K. What? Way too much for a degree that was going to land your resume in the trash. A bachelors for 80-100K was for sure not going to get you a job. Let’s face it: a degree from MIT and DeVry? Who do you think is getting hired?? Def not a DeVry graduate. DeVry is for people who like convenience and already have a career. Not for a career starter. DeVry should be a last last last result option.

The environment: my coworkers were great. That’s prob what kept me there as long as I was. The admissions team “knew” what time it was. “Let’s hit these goals and go to the bar afterwards”. At the bar, we bitched and complained about how we hated that job with such a passion. I laugh when I think about it now, but it def was not funny then.

When did I know it was time to go?: I didn’t. I just picked a date and that was the day I planned to leave. I enrolled back into school, graduated, and got me a job where I do way less than that I did at DeVry for a salary 2xs larger than what I was making at DeVry. Oh and it comes with a pension. 22 years an out. I’d be working until I’m 67 had I stayed. I couldn’t imagine being a lifer at DVU. No way! I’d die before retirement.

My recommendation: do not do it to yourself. Take the job if you “just need a job”, but do not have plan on making a career out of it. You’ll never be happy, fulfilled, or feel as if you’re doing anything to change the world. Just like the students are numbers, your number will eventually come and you will be terminated. That’s all I saw for 7 years —was terminations. The only thing that saved me was my background was sales and I could sell water to a damn whale. Even Anthony and Alan ended up getting clipped and they ran the place lol. That’s how bad it was.

These are just my thoughts. Def believe me. When I tell you my exit strategy was soooo strategic, they didn’t see it coming when I exited. They prob thought I would be there for years to come. I had my strategy down to a science. Work 2 solid years, still hitting enrollment goals, save every vacation day, never call out, and once I graduated from my program (from a Tier 1 college), work until mid summer and quit. I ended up graduated in May, had a few job interviews lined up before May and had an offer to start in Aug. Imagine knowing having a new job in Aug, but you were offered a job in May. I never told a soul. I just stopped putting my energy into DeVry and focused on me. When the time came to leave, I just…left. It’s been years and although I miss working in sales (not really), I can sleep well at night knowing I’m not robbing people.

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My brother-in-law went to DeVry in Chicago. He applied himself and got a great education. He is now in charge of all the computers in a city of 50,000 in Illinois.

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