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How much extra work do you do?

It has never been a problem for me to do a bit of extra work, but in my case it's become an extra job, which maybe some new people should do. It is not normal to overload employees to this extent. We definitely need more people.

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They brought in a person from another group to do the work that was supposed to be assigned to me. Then they laid me off. Three months later I saw a job posting for my old job in the same group. I actually applied for the job...and didn't even get a call back. After that I watched job postings for years for the same position in other groups.

I did more than expected in the position despite the fact that I was literally kept from doing my job by experienced engineers and management. I still got laid off and now they have trouble finding people.

This is the General Motors culture! Plausible deniability beats morality, beats logic, beats what is in the best interest of the group as well as the company. I still think of the people who had a part in this and wonder how they can accept how disgusting their behavior is.


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More people? Then why did your CFO in Feb 2019 fire everyone;I mean there was too many people? Is GM the next Jeff Skilling Enron case? What will happen when electric vehicles do not sell? I'm sure Mary and her work husband Mark have their tissues ready for Capital Hill.

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Same here, been on this company for a few years now and the 12 hour days and 9pm calls with China have become a norm rather than the exception.

My perception is that the company wants to run with as few people as possible.

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OP is a machine to them. You can run until you break down if you want. You always can pick these people out and I've never seen them leave their job fulfilled.

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