Thread regarding Baker Hughes layoffs

Is there a future for BH in renewables?

What do you think about the energy transition in this company? How successful is BH in the transition to renewables?
Competitors have already advanced a lot and it seems to me that BH is doing almost nothing to catch up with them in that regard. Any thoughts?

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New bossmang turn up (director level). Workforce introduction meeting, he throws up presentation of his kid’s college project. Somting bout a mod’ed ditch witch.WTF? No one knows relevance. He don’t know relevance! Thought it’d be inspirational or someting, but just major fail. Workforce scratch head. Then scratch a-s.

Du----s. Showin off his kid like he learned to use potty. Wasn’t impressive project. Mod’ing a ditch witch? Sh---y tech school.

Still a director? Probs. Sales last I heard. Doomed. Lost good peoples so a-s clown climb ladder.

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We were once told in a global all hands meeting if you’re not sure how something works, go look it up on YouTube. Dude was serious and went into detail. Brah, he’s still here. I can’t look him in the face without 😂! I’m scared for life and can’t watch YouTube without getting embarrassed.

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Leadership has always been lame. Copy cat of other businesses and never well thought out execution.

Example: Ford’s consolidation of brands (dropping Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, etc) to concentrate on their core business - One Ford.

Baker’s One Baker Hughes plan around that same time, same name…Failed.

I mean, coveralls to green to represent a green industry??? 🤣

Let’s copy Google and Apple and provide a work and play atmosphere…but we’re canning folks left and right.

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Where have you been?
Yes to divesting oilfield everything.
CEO has stated this publicly for two years now.

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F-that. Baker Hughes couldn’t get their core business straightened out in recent years and they’re going to go full business and energy transformation? Is the plan to divest the Oilfield Services component altogether??

I like how someone calls it mini GE and Enron 2.0. I concur

The GE takeover choked oilfield services, and it started with the distraction of the HAL takeover.

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What can they say. BKR will follow GE game plan.
Should have renamed to:
Little GE
GE wannabe
GE 2.0
Oops I did it again
GE Spin
The Big Green
Green Machine not running on gasoline
Good Enough until it’s not

Can’t operate the MRP but we can solve global warming?
“We’re at net zero because we said so”

The marketing is laying it on thick. Almost an over selling of abilities!

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GE becomes one of the big players in renewables, spins off O&G business as bkr. Bkr wants to transition to renewables. What then? Spin off their remaining O&G business? What then, rinse and repeat?

It’s like a castaway on a life boat having to drink their own ur--e. As the days go by the ur--e just gets more and more concentrated, more and more toxic.

Pretty good metaphor for Baker - concentrated pish.

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All technical advancements cause environmental impacts. This is about money more than it’s about the environment. Politics is allowing big oil to get richer while green tea drinking voters, believe that there’s progress.
1) google lithium mines , this is going to replace oil rigs?
2) compare big Oil Q1 earnings from 2019 to now. Some are making larger profits? Must be trading cheap Middle East oil?
3) everyone is hooked on CO2 emissions. How’s the general public going to fact check that emissions are actually going down. Society can’t solve landfill issues and the plastic trash cyclones floating in our oceans, but we’re all to believe in net zero emotions, I mean emissions.

No company changes it’s entire self for the greater good. This is about money.

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The OP nailed it. It’s smoke and mirrors

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I am afraid those that believe all the buzz words, “wind, renewable, green, energy transition, etc”, will have to think which is the primary energy source and why. Once the distinction between oil and “green wash” is well understood, you will realize that in 50 years from now, we will still need oil.(Take in consideration that easy oil is gone). All the “green wash” you are hearing, is just a competition for investment, grants and so on. If we are serious about climate change and environmental impact, then one first action is everyone that can work from home to work from home in order to reduce emissions and environmental impact. ( working from home means, saving cost with fuel, saving cost from buying a car, etc.). I can guarantee that not many will agree with what I said above as this can have a huge impact in the economy. So, is better for them to kept demonizing the oil and gas industry and kept talking about “green wash”.

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It's all hot air and image painting for investors and customers. It's still all about oil and gas. I doubt we'll see any real green credentials emerge from BH.

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You have to know what you’re doing not just the usual garbage

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I don't know everything that's going on, but to me it just seems like it's all buzzwords and no actual progress towards any new products or technology. Most people aren't even back at the office yet, let alone working on anything new.

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