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How much say do managers have in layoffs?

Who determines who to lay off? Do they get input from managers (direct supervisors) or do they focus strictly on numbers? I'm just always surprised at who is given the walking papers and who gets to stay that it makes me wonder about the decision-making process.

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Was asked to make a list at one time to layoff half the department. List was made. Then, suddenly, it was cancelled. Whew!

Another time we hd to layoff one person. I chose who and paperwork had to be filled out as to why that person was chosen and not others peers. Pain in the bu-t

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@xgt+…. I concur with the previous poster…
I gave my list of incompetent people once to Edgar (I wasn’t the only one) and most of the people there were gone. Not widely known: one fellow was on those lists but managed to escape by moving to HON …all this because he was a danger to someone. Physical fear in Melville .
“Position eliminated” is how we do it. HR is not an union… it just help whoever is in charge… elimination of positions… no need to say something bad about anyone.
Now… at a certain level off course you can get rid of entire teams…. That’s a different type of lists….all those “lists) are merged and reviewed to make sure we don’t fire too many of specific color… etc…
Remember HR gave us the hired underlings of the first CTO and the fire d of moobs ….
So it seems you’re quite young and supervisor level.

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Remember people went around making lists 2 years ago…. Fleshligth was famous about it, Mike the stain… Goya beans….LL beans…all the losers made the lists to get rid of the people that could call their BS or a threat to their positions.
Off course a VP can also make lists not just those wannabe directors

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