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How nice to be unavailable

I don't know what your situation is like but in my case I had to be almost always available. It drove me crazy, but I couldn’t afford to lose my job so I made myself always available. That has finally changed. I gave notice and I'm going where employees are respected a little more.

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Its all about the CEO,S and shareholders these days. And thats true with most companys these days. Yhats the direcgion our polititions and leaders want it. Globalization and NWO minded "pushers", becoming less mindfull of familys and country, and ever more mindfull of self. The way of most in this newer indusrial revolution. Mans true condition is described in Romans 3: 9-20. And without renwing minds by edification and understanding and believing it is so, man will remain in this condition. The 1st Indusrial revolution ended up costing the world 40% of the worlds population in two word wars. Its hard telling what this NIR will cost. Let us put our seatbelts on. Peace people.

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I worked for Ford and GM. Ford could be better...General Motors is flat out immoral.

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