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resigned for greener pastures

I would urge everyone to consider opportunities outside Ciena. If you are seeking far better pay (+ 50%), more scope for career growth and a better culture that would treat employees like they should, that would be a no brainer.

PM and the cool-aid drinking team under him are commanding a rudderless ship that is big on PR, but severely lacks implementation; a continuation of the last 6 years of how how this bay area team has been run into the ground.

There is 0% probability of building anything valuable (revenue wise) in the virtualization space if Ciena cannot attract & retain top talent. I know 15+ top-performers leave in the last couple of years for Amazon, Vmware and Google.

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Intimidation is a popular method applied by the executives on their own engineers, when they are presented with evidence of managers harassing engineers.
This is very common and has been applied successfully on many people.
Intimidation is done verbally, physically and using defamation.

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There is one thing consistently seen in all the activities.
They have hired correctly. There is increasing Hierarchy of stupidity from "senior Engineer" to first level manager to Dir to VP.
Each level will add some spice to the story and retaliate on the side against the employee and escalate the information. The upper level is unaware of the retaliation ( by lower level) and will also independently "punish the employee" before escalating the issue.
The problem is when HR assimilates all the information and provides it to SVP- the Original reason for retaliation at lowest level- is their ego_getting_hurt and their own inability to understand technology.
Now they start cleaning up all evidences for their action at all levels.
But now all of them are more angry that their mistakes and side-retaliation is exposed to svp, so they decide employee needs to be punished properly.

So the cycle starts again on another issue, but this time, they make sure, if HR is notified, she has no evidence.
Infact the first level manager will ask " do you have anything in email " before he decides to lie to HR.
This is Bay area team , a paradise .

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“The most dangerous man in the room is the man telling the truth” ~ Plato

VP always removes dangerous employees.. LOL

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What, exactly, are you talking about in the above post? (2xzg+1bMlfwyD)

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In Bay area, they form a gossip group using social media, to spread lies and create hostile environment about coworker.
The mgmt knows about this and they also help in spreading this hostility because it is done by their pet_employees.
You need to buy expensive gifts if you want the management to stop the hostility.
That is why all non-indian managers left the team in the same week.

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