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Time to make a stand!

While other department stores, pay their draw vs commission associates an non productive hours, Neiman’s at this time does not. Even though they lost a 5 million dollar settlement in California 2019. Talking to some old time associates, they will say this was not always the case they did pay non productive hours. Just a little math, you can get an idea as to why this was started example to follow.
An average associate works 3 early shifts that’s 90 minutes a day, they are at the store closed, or 4 1/2 hours a week. If draw is $15 they pay back $67.5 a week from their commission.
In a month that averages $270 per associate, or $5,400 per store, at 20 associates.
In six months, it averages 98 hours or $1620 they have paid out of their commissions. Plus our sales per hour also drops so when vacation is paid we earn less
Employer has 20 employees on draw they will be paid by their employees $32,400 per store.
They have 3 stores, in Chicago if they are doing this in all of its stores. Thats an average of $97,200 in six month’s . Now let’s say they have 38 stores that’s an average of $ 1,231,200 in the same 6 month’s collected from employees for working at This company.

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