Thread regarding University of Phoenix layoffs

June 2021 PEPS Closed Schools report

Miramar, FL (2021)
Atlanta, GA (2021)
Chicago, IL (2019)
Salt Lake City (2021)
Phoenix-West Valley (2021)
Woodland Hills-Marriott (2020)

What's left?

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This campus situation thing is Pythonesque.

Customer: I'd like to attend a University of Phoenix campus.
Advisor: Certainly
Consumer: Newark?
Advisor: No. We are not taking new students there.
Consumer: Dallas?
Advisor: Dallas, Texas
Consumer: Yes, Dallas Texas
Advisor: Not today.
Consumer: Modesto?
Advisor: Let me check...oh we do...sorry no.
Consumer: How about Las Vegas?
Advisor shakes his head
Consumer: Hawaii? Pasadena? Virginia?
Advisor: There's that Covid thing...
Consumer: I see, is any campus open?
Advisor: You can go online.

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