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Been there, done that - never again

I’ve had my fill of management only looking out for themselves and screwing everyone else. I’ve had my fill of coworkers who smile to your face and stab you in the back when you’re not looking. Eight years at BH and enough is enough for me. So glad I’ve got 2 weeks left. Good riddance!

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I agree. Baker and GE aren’t special. Stock price drops, raiding the working class pension fund, Immelt blaming Welch but only after he passed away.
Preach integrity?
I agree, nothing special here.

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@wte+1bSsz46V, very well put. Similar things are happening in other large organizations, GE or Baker are not unique.

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@OP+1bSsz46V best of luck to you; nice to see that not much has changed since the takeover by GE.

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You should request and persuade all negative feedback to result in training. Off site training. Require your boss to do their job. Let them carry real responsibility. If you are getting feedback that further growth is required, then training is required as well. Best part, managers have to sign off on training, so anything that happens while you’re out is on them, and when you come back to work and save the day, everyone will sing your praise. Don’t forget to schedule vacation, all of your vacation.
I had a manager take two and three weeks off at a time, and he never provided training to his team and never allowed team vacations to overlap, except his. And he frequently took 3 day weekends.
The name of this game is mastermind, and it’s time for the people getting things done to get their due.
In addition, I was told I wasn’t getting a raise do to COVID, and my response was, you got rid of. My support, I came into work while others stayed home in bed, the company has been making marginal profits and stock has been going up. Nope I’ll take my 8 percent raise or I’m gone, no notice. I gave my phone and laptop to my manager and went home, “flex leave” after two weeks due to hiring freezes, I got my raise.

PS: even execs got raises past two years, working managers should go get their raises too.

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I’ve noticed that a lot of managers especially from GE use a very similar tactic. First they sing your praises while they’re secretly setting you up, telling HR you have a long way to go and that you’re defective personality wise, but haven’t figured it out. Believe it or not this setup will last 2 to 5 years. Why because most businesses ran by GE management never last longer than 5 years.
The plan is to get you off balance, making it easier to manipulate and control you. And they will try to get you to accept gaslighting in the place of mentoring. Don’t accept any manager telling you that they’re being real or candid to benefit you. It’s a set up to fuel the themselves and to keep you off balance for elevating towards harassment, and this is done in a way so you don’t go straight to the top to report. They want you to feel obligated to fix outside of the BH processes. All your complaints should bypass everything local to your business unit. Omsbuds are jokes! Expect retaliation.
You’re experiencing this behavior because you have natural leadership abilities, you express courage and encourage, you perform regardless of circumstances, and others are noticing you and your manager can’t stand it. They need to fabricate a fictitious narrative about you to succeed. Your manager is probably more concerned with self perception than they are about accountability and performance. They live in a world of perception.

This fictitious world is growing in this organization.

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