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Glorius days are over!

I worked there for 5 years and ultimately laid off. the response ops and the folks used to work there were just amazing. They were the most skilled guys I have seen so far. but it has been taken over by India team now and mo--ns sits on the management there. their only motto is to get everything in India and close other teams in USA and elsewhere.

It started with people with zero skills becoming managers and then becoming directors by sheer politics and not skills.

But now India team is empty, they are trying to hire people but people are not available. All went to MS.

Karma is a bi--h my friends!

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This is true. They are calling all the ex-employees to join back in response OPs particularly in Pune location. But who want to work there with donkeys who don't know anything... Their time has come now.

Do not join there, situation is really bad. Those who are still there are either not getting jobs outside or are adjusted in that culture.

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