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NVIDIA deal is dead

The company has been given a few months to get it's affairs in order, but the deal is dead. Expect a lot of manuevers before official announcements in the coming months.

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People are now an expense not an asset. I don't see that changing at NVIDIA since ARM have half as many employees and nowhere near the revenue/profit. There are plenty of do-nothings in any tech corporation but so long as the revenue scales nobody cares. I don't think Jensen will appreciate all those bozo managers, catered lunch meetings over roadmaps that never reach fruition, whilst principal engineers disappear out the door only to be replaced by grads.

NVIDIA is in a win/win situation, they have control over ARMs spending and a peek into their products. If it falls through their stock does just fine without it as this week has proven. ARM is in an extremely hard place and the immaturity internally has got them there.

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This is clearly written by someone with no clue of what is going on, or worse, someone who is working for an Arm competitor who is trying to hire Arm employees, so wants to motivate them to look for jobs.

The truth is that SoftBank is motivated to maximize its profits from the deal to sell Arm to Nvidia. As the sale price is set, and the deal has bonuses for SoftBank for hitting certain financial targets, SoftBank is only interested in its short term profit and is wringing the last dollars out of Arm, because the medium and long term Arm is Nvidia's problem/opportunity.

Arm's management are placed in a terrible situation as they have to do what SoftBank orders them to do, or they will be rapidly replaced by someone else who is willing to do what SoftBank orders them to do. That is why Flexpot was cancelled and there is a hiring freeze. Once this period of being stuck between two owners, waiting for regulatory approval, is over, Arm will become part of Nvidia, who have historically paid high salaries (higher than Arm currently pay) especially in the UK based businesses that they owned. Plus Arm employees will have a windfall as various benefits vest early, RSUs pay out, and Nvidia will almost certainly be offering some golden handcuffs to keep people. Alternatively if the Nvidia deal does not get approval, Arm will almost certainly float on the stock market. With the enormous multiples that tech companies are achieving on the stock market, that would imply a significant windfall for employees, and Arm again becoming an independent company free from the dictates of the whims of Masayoshi Son.

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Get it's affairs in order would be reducing the renumeration (cancelling Flexpot, that is the biggest warning canary the Softbank party is about to end). Cancelling hiring, so now many projects are missing unit leads at least in CPU with little hope replacing them, the roadmaps are being stripped back and to top it all off everyone is being pulled into the office in September just to then be told to go home again when the next variant cases start to rise.

They haven't even formally applied for acquisition in the EU or China yet. That's going to push the earliest approval date 6 months out, so we're about to sail past that March '22 date soon.

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Are you pulling my leg? Haven't some people received offer letters already, like someone wrote a month ago?
And what would "a few months to get its affairs in order" mean?

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