Thread regarding Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc. layoffs

Nexstar being purposefuly vague to employees during layoff

Nexstar is closing the Master Control hub in Utah. They have know for at least a year now about this and have kept everyone in the dark and only a couple of weeks ago gave everyone the news. They gave the option to be layed off and get a small severance depending on how long you have been with the company. The other option is they would secure a job out of state for anyone willing to relocate with a stipend of $3,500 to help with the costs which is taxed at 22%. However it took them until a few days ago to give everyone written documentation that they will be recieving the funds and will be transferring. They gave a date to shut down the Utah facility until August 15th but rumor is going around that we will be done here on August 2nd. So now we have to go without pay until we go across country to relocate or we get to go look for a new job sooner then expected.

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