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BH Trains multiple choice

If BH Train A is 200 miles from BH Train B and both trains are traveling 100 mph towards each other where will they meet?
A) can’t be determined accurately, b/c BH can’t develop a 100mph train

B) never, b/c TA is never on time and TB is back in the shop for warranty

C) never, because each train is still waiting on it’s spare parts

D) never, because they got rid of the only two people who knew how to drive a train straight

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You are correct? And have just one this challenge. Only happens in a PowerPoint presentation. And the point of intersect is mathematically incorrect but leadership accepts the answer anyway.

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E) Meet only in a Power Point presentation, because operating a train requires both experience and a modicum of intelligence

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E) In typical Baker-fashion, they laid off the chief engineer and placed a new engineer to drive the train. Then, they realized that the guard, switch man and even Porter at the station could possibly handle the task so they let the engineer go as well and rotated them on an as-needed basis.

Then executives learned about traqueros that could do the job for half the cost so picked up the tracks and trains and moved operations outside of the USA.

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