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My team and I are struggling to meet our goals because there is one person that is so complacent with his head in the clouds we can seldom get any work out of him. He acts like a know it all, and when he is called on it he becomes spiteful and defensive. All he wants to do is argue and justify his laziness. I’m so sick of it. I’ve asked to be moved to another team but was given a resounding “no”. How do I handle this so we are hitting our goals accordingly since my manager isn’t handling the situation as he should be?

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Typical Accenture. Won’t let folks make a move when they raise their hands. I wonder if the coworker is a management favorite? In my experience, it’s never the complacent worker that gets sassed for not meeting goals, bc they have a reason they are complacent in the first place. But rather, it’s all how your manager likes you and how they will represent you come performance achievement time. It’s a sick game there and I have seen excellent hardworking talent get the boot when some of the laziest people ever get high ratings and get promoted. Literally had a former colleague who would brag about how easy the job was and how he would go play golf on the company’s time and dime, while other members of the team (including myself) were busting our humps by working overtime and barely having time for family and friends. Good luck with your situation.

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