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Rules for thee, but not for me?

Anybody else starting to feel like things are getting even worse around the leadership team and a different standard for the rest of us? I hear about some teams doing really cool stuff to recognize their teams, but others, not a peep. My neighbor’s daughter works at a country club, and said SLT members are sure getting their new memberships, but I highly doubt the people on their teams that actually do the work are getting much for recognition. As far as I understand, we are still doing really well, but like years past, it seems like the SLT will do whatever to make sure they get the benefit, and tell the rest of us poor lads to do more, and find some way to sc--w us over and say we missed some random metric that they can’t even explain. Whatever culture change we are trying to put in place seems to be stalling worse than a SkyCatcher.

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It's so funny when ppl write things like this. First EVERY company works this way, we r not special. Second u work for a wage and have eto and vacation so use it, no matter what they say u r just a number to them. This change u speak of happened about 10 to 15 years ago when the "new" style leadership took over so bi-----g about it now is not only l8 to the party but pointless as well. Cheers.....

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