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Einstein & surveillance AI. Big tech insurance

Einstein & AI
Not telling the full story and sounds cool but reality is it’s surveillance capitalism

Research and see who all is $$ involved.

Agenda driven and insurance has gone to far far explosive tactics to predict and track amd push and profile every individual and policyholder.

Leadership has their $$ and đź’©hands in the system/data share and does not even understand the big picture amd the Europa they are building for “younger” consumers. They equally don’t understand the risks to innocent and poor people and country as a whole.
They want elites at Farm and only those targeted policyholders. They want young puppets and tools. Many I. Systems get paid way too much for what they are executing amd programming people to think & accept.

The agenda is not the “1 SF”. It’s Rhetoric and narratives like “digital end user experience and personalization” sound exciting and cool especially to sales folks, marketing and systems folks.

Agents and employees should research what they are pulling you into and who all is involved. Think deeper.

Real big picture thinkers, smart consumers that understand how things really and those that understand tech & data and leads and how it is exploited $$. Get it…. 3rd party show at consumers and agents a expense.

A shallow industry and becoming a data monopoly. At consumer expense

Big tech is not all it seems. Trolls need not respond. Your foolishness amd shallowness shine through.

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That's why they acquired Slack, to control and listen to a massive portion of communication on the Internet. They may start banning users in the same way as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube do. Welcome to China. A year ago, it was a conspiracy theory. It's the reality now.

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