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Horrible culture

I haven't been here for long (going on two years) but I'm yet to find a place with a worse work culture than this place. My former workplace was bad, but at least the toxicity was mostly limited to my team and the company was okay. Here, the toxic work environment seems to be a company issue. Has it always been like this?

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Yes. I’ve been in meetings with ELT members where they cursed, verbally abused people and belittled them. Where your ideas were stolen by senior leaders and you didn’t receive credit. Where you were told to do one thing one day, and a different thing the next, and then were yelled at because you didn’t do the original thing.

It starts at the top and they are all that way. ACI is the opposite of your precious company, some teams are nice but the rest is corrupt and back stabbing.

For many years now the 5 year plan was to hit $5 billion. You know there’s a major morale and execution problem when they just warm over the same plan every year, lay off more people to hit the number and nothing changes at the top.

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