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Mainframe Layoffs in Memphis

I was there a few years ago and saw what FedEx did to over 100 dedicated technical systems programmers who worked on the IBM mainframe. Many had over 20 years of service. They called them into an office, told them that they were fired, a security guard escorted them out of the building without allowing them to return to their desks to get their personal property, security boxed their stuff and shipped to them, and they were told to refill any prescriptions they needed because their medical benefits were cut off at midnight. The reason these people were laid off was not because they had not performed their jobs well. The reason was that FedEx wanted to get off the IBM Mainframe and by firing over a hundred people that worked on the Mainframe applications it would force the managers to get moving on it. I was a vendor, not a FedEx employee., so I have no axe to grind. But I will never ship with FedEx again.

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