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1 instead of 3 employees?

Is it sustainable for a long time? Here one man does a job for several people, and it's been like that for a while.
Such a pace of work is bearable to a certain point, but all those who are worth keeping have either already left here or intend to leave very soon.
I always hoped that the situation would improve, but I no longer have any high hopes.

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So now the company is demonstrating its appreciation of the front line workers, who in the face of a pandemic, at risk to themselves and loved ones, have been heroically holding operations together with duct tape and baling wire (not unlike some of our cars).

The announcement of a major cut in commissions effective July 1 has placed a nail in the coffin of counter staffing. This makes 4 cuts since the pandemic began.

The rationale we were given this time? That the 100 days of summer would provide more opportunities for sales. Hmmmm... been working literally NONSTOP all but one (1) shift since March. Exactly when am I supposed to take advantage of these extra opportunities? And where are the showcase cars not already overbooked? Can i make it up with walkups? Oh, yeah...overbooked. How about coverages and accessories? Oh yeah, customers have had hours in line rehearsing "Just the car, no extras. I'm already late for my event." Why is the line so long? Oh yeah, overbooked, and no staff.

Before pandemic there would have been five to 12 agents at all times. We're back to normal demand and we are often alone for hours. Rather than pay five times as much for doing the work of 5, They're cutting commission again. The company has clearly stated that we who have sacrificed for the team are not worthy to share in the team's successes. A $0.45 raise won't begin to cover the loss.

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ABG will continue to bleed the turnip/employees dry. They have never cared for nor ever will care for employees over profits. Get out while you can

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