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Absolute Misery

Have been with ACI just under 2yrs & in that time we've had 5 "leaders" of the region come and go. FIVE! Each one worse than the last.

Complaints to Ethics hotline over serious misconduct and breaches left unresolved and "quietly" forgotten. A member of ELT brushing it off as "noise" and if the complainers don't like it.. "they should leave" No help from HR to date

Customer complaints are increasing and endless!

Surely something has to give.. the CEO cannot be blind and deaf to all this.

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Just like any company, the ELT is so immune with complainers. If you are in "absolute misery", then why are you still here? If you are great, then you shouldn't have a problem to get a new job right? Why waste your time writing here instead of looking for a new job?

Employees like you complains because you don't get what you want. Yeah you have different leaders in so many months, it's just means they are not good and been let go or they decided to leave because they are in "absolute misery" why don't you do the same?

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If it is absolute misery, then why are you still there!.
Most people would have left for both their mental sanity and health, It sounds like more to it than you having the capability or want to actually leave?
Might be time you actually got out and try and find a better place...

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It’s a balance. The ELT have no sense of reality, just high demands. But they don’t enable or support their teams to deliver, just demand.

At the same time, many of the old timers aren’t stepping up either, they just want to do things the way they always have, which is slowly.

What you end up with is dysfunction.

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Agreed. The pattern I seen is there are either some long serving people 10+ years or newer people 2yrs or less. Maybe a sprinkle of others in between.
The older folk get on with it, they know the game and how to play while the newer ones are outraged but sit on their hands when it comes time to act.

Imagine the ELT or CEO were concerned over every small tickle someone was annoyed by.

The ELT come and go. You have the same choice but yet you choose to stay until you are asked to go.. ask yourself why?

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the CEO or ELT are away of the problems, Seems to be a lot of complaints from people who in the own cause issues by doing the same as their complaints to others..

It feels like children's tantrums , some of the sites and regions need a good cleaning out of not just Managers, but a lot of staff who think they are bigger or more entitled to where they are.

In most companies if you are not performing you are normally let go, seems this is the opposite, good people are let go, and some of the ones left behind then complain more causing more issues.

The strangest thing , all of this does not make ACI saleable, as a whole the organisation has gone backwards at a great rate. All the good work gets mashed up and combined with poor work, so all get the lack of respect from Managers..

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I’m sure Odilon is aware of the problems. His focus is to keep the costs down and position ACI for a sale

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