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They didn't think this out

Walgreens has affected so many ASM’s lives with this role refresh garbage. I’m one of those employees. I was told that there would be 3 ESM’s in my area. Well guess what- I was eliminated the ESM’s that was chosen over me has been an ASM for 3 months. I understood that the decision was based upon evaluations and tenure. Well I have to say this they’re last 2 evaluations were graded on SFL and ASMT. My evaluations was based solely on ASM performance. I think that they didn’t think this out. It’s basically the same position with less pay in my opinion because they’re salaried, no weekends, holidays or nights. I also understand it’s no touch freight or totes when the truck or vendors come. They are to sit in the office and delegate task to the employees. What a waste! I was very hands on with my team members this included working truck and resets as they came down weekly. I’m very disappointed in this company for the disruption of dedicated employees lives. ASM’s ran the store and still got kicked in the a-s for doing their job. I’m currently on my way out and I’ll never recommend this company for employment.

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