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How does a good employee survive here?

Every day you hear stories about injustice, about unethical practices, about those who are comfortable here just because they are someone's favorites, about superstars who have taken someone else's credit, etc.
For a while I tried so much to focus on my job that I didn’t see anything else going on around me. However, this is impossible because you work in a team. It seems that the only way to survive this company is to leave it.

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To be a success at DST, sleep with your boss. Its worked for decades at Dst.

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Survive by working on your resume and interviewing while you are still working from home then leave them when they need you the most. The longer you stay in the sewer the more you will stink to other employers.

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How do you survive at DST. I will tell you. But I hope you do NOT do this. Leave the company.

How to survive DST:

  1. Read the beatitudes in the Bible. Study the many attributes of a Godly person outlined in it. Then do the complete opposite of what the beatitudes recommends. Example : Instead of being meek and patient, be proud and impatient. DST management sees that as a personality with strength and they value it. Break as many of the 10 commandments as you can. Lie, covet, bear false witness against other employees, have s-x with other workers, swear loudly at work, steal other people's credit.
  2. Deny you had any involvement in a mistake. Blame it on others who won't dispute you.
  3. Claim to be a Catholic, even if your not.
  4. Cause as much trouble as possible, daily, so people will give you a wide berth.
  5. Once a month throw a huge tantrum to the point people are scared you will hurt them.


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As a former employee, I would say the benefit in staying for now is gaining experience to add to your resume.

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