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Silent layoffs or is the situation a little more stable?

Is it just me or are layoffs less frequent than before? For a while I heard almost every day that someone was laid off. It seems to me like the situation as far as layoffs are concerned is a bit more stable now?

At the same time more and more people want to leave here on their own. I know of a few colleagues who will not be here as early as next month because they could no longer endure having to do so much work at Lenovo and found better opportunities for themselves.

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I don't want to over generalize but some 'teams' are better for folks who thrive in a certain... sociopathic culture. For layoffs, secrecy on specific numbers/facts has increased for the last few years and there is a noted avoidance of media coverage. When it cannot be avoided entirely, sites like this one are targeted with various trolling to disrupt and obscure information which would not cast the "leadership" in a good light. They only want you to see the shiny propaganda. It is almost as if Lenovo were... a branch of the CCP.

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The old saying goes...the rats have the sense to abandon the sinking ship first. Execs don't care because they take their Golden Parachutes and leave. They can choose to never work again. Poor performance and execution never affects them.

Your colleagues are smart to find alternate employment at a company or place that appreciates their work. I was lucky enough to find that after being laid off from this Chinese Garbage Pit. It wasn't until I got laid off that I looked at what it was going to take to retire. After running numbers with my FA, I would not be prepared until I turn 65. Never a possibility with Lenovo and each year more difficult to find another company. Had a choice of offers from 3 companies and chose the only 1 that had a pension, ability to work til 62, and retire comfortably. The craziest part of it all was it was even with a 15% pay cut. The other two offered no ability to retire comfortably. I get a pension, same 401k match, and the work is 100% achievable in 40 hours every week. My manager even called to apologize when I had to work 8 hours over a weekend. This was 1 time over the last 2 years. I'll take this over the 60 hour weeks and still told you are not achieving goals. Well yes, when I am doing the work of 3 FT employees in half the hours, I will never meet the objectives.

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I think your answer is in your post. It's a familiar process that companies that fail to achieve organic growth take. A business attempts to cut their way to profitability. They paint rosy pictures to the external world while the folks on the inside wonder why the external words they hear and read don't match what they are experiencing.

While the company continues to bleed dollars (or yuan) they continue the cuts and attempt numbers of alliances with wonderful stories of future growth. The alliances never deliver and the extreme cuts have now begun to cause extreme workloads for the folks who initially felt like survivors, but now feel like the survivors are the folks who are gone and they are now really the victims.

Now feeling like victims and realizing that the leadership strategy is now to make as much money as possible before the ship sinks, finally decide that they need to take control of their own destinies and get out.

That's the current phase. The people who do the work are being pushed beyond anything reasonable and leaving on their own. This is the end of the end for the business lifecycle. As the business loses the last of the key working level people, quality and customer support goes from bad to a complete disaster.

Customers leave, remaining execs take their riches and move on or retire.

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